Friday, February 10, 2017


           My mother works at a school for children with Dyslexia.  Dyslexia  makes people have trouble reading or interpreting some words or symbols, but it does not affect overall intelligence.
         There are 37 traits to determine if someone is dyslexic. Some of these traits include that they appear smart and articulate but just have trouble with reading and/or spelling. Also, they test well orally, but not written.
            Dyslexia is sometimes considered an invisible disability. An invisible disability is one that is not immediately apparent.  Some parents that have children who are quarterbacks and ballet dancers do not think that they might have a problem with learning.
            My mom loves her job! She loves how comfortable her children with dyslexia are in her class. Sometimes to the anguish the child feels disappears in the classroom.
You can check out our diagnosis library on our roadmap to discover places you can find out more information about Dyslexia!

Driving instructor

    Words cannot describe how I felt a short time ago. Ok, so my driving instructor approved me for driving and began to ask me what kind of car I wanted. He then had me scheduled for the road test at the DMV. Excitement radiated throughout my entire body. I was so thrilled because I had tried three times before and not been approved or given the opportunity
       Then it came time to take the road test. I had two opportunities to drive in front of him. On the first day I think it was out of nervousness, that I made several mistakes. On the second day, knowing that I had made those previous mistakes, he bypassed the parallel parking and went straight for driving on the road. I continued to make rather noticeable mistakes.
      So last Wednesday, I was working at Parent to Parent of Georgia and he called and asked if I wanted to join him for lunch. So we started to eat and then he said I was an unsafe driver and I could not drive alone. He said I could try again next year, but it was a sickening feeling. You don’t go from asking me what kind of car I’m going to get, to telling me I’m unsafe.
 I try my hardest to always look at the bright side and the earlier three times I did not even come close to making it to the DMV. So maybe this 5th time will be it. Ughhh            

Thursday, January 26, 2017

parallel parking

       Ah the experience of returning to driving. So I went on Monday to practice  parallel parking and to do 3-point turns. Complexly expecting to take the test tomorrow. After parallel parking, I had to go back to Shepherd Center to make sure I had completed all of the forms. There was in fact one form that was missing. It was the medical form that the Department of Driving services had to have. So my doctor is out of town until the 30th of January. So she was not able to fill out that form.
       So hopefully next week or the week after I will be able to take my test. It is kind-of disappointing, but in the big scheme of things I have not drove in 9 years. What’s two weeks going to hurt?
       Now not having the use of one arm and one leg makes parallel parking and 3-point turns vary hard. Now I found that I can do it, but I have to follow direct instructions from the driving instructor. I am hoping I can remember exactly what he says`